Trekking is a hobby which requires discipline.  You need to train your legs to walk and climb for a long distance. You also need the stamina to move and travel to reach your destination. Everyone cannot take a bag and go on trekking; a trek involves dedication, hard work and the determination to strive through the journey. Every trek teaches you a different life lesson, and you can be prepared for the next trek accordingly.


The following are some of the best trekking places to visit if you are a trekker.

  1. GR20.
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek.
  3. Pays Dogon.
  4. The Haute Route.
  5. The snowman trek.


GR20 is a footpath, located on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, France. GR20 is known as the top trail paths in the world. It roughly takes around fifteen days to travel across the road by foot. The northern part of this route is considered to be harder to trek as it is hillier and filled with rocks. The north is also very steep, and you need to be more careful and trained to trek in this region. As you trek, you will be going through forests, moonscapes, crates which were created by the high winds which keep blowing in that area, cold glacial lakes and snow capped peaks.

Everest Base Camp Trek:

The Everest Base trek is divided into the South Base camp and the North base camp treks. The South base camp is in Nepal, and the North base camp is in Tibet. If you are a mountain climber and you happen to love the snow, cold atmosphere and challenges, then this is the best trek route you can take. The Everest base camp trek has a very great altitude, it is about 5545m above the ground level, and you need to make sure that your body can get acclimated to the climatic condition over there. It roughly takes about three weeks to complete the treks. The trekkers usually take a Sherpa to accompany them as they know the route and they can guide them in the case of any emergencies.

Pays Dogon:

Pays Dogon is such a beautiful place to trek. It can take roughly about three to ten days to complete the trekking here.  Pays Dogon is in Africa and is known for the different kinds of cliffs it has. The trek has an excellent scenery, and you can enjoy the warm climate.

The Haute Route:

The Haute route covers some of the highest points in the Alps. Also, this road is said to be very beautiful to trek. This trek route stretches from France to Switzerland. The trek takes about two weeks to complete. You also need to be trained and incredibly fit this trek as it requires a lot of stamina.

The snowman trek:

The snowman trek is in Bhutan, and this trek is also one of the most difficult and challenging places to hike. It has a very high altitude for about fourteen thousand feet. You come across beautiful sceneries and the rich heritage of Tibet.