The golden gate is a suspension bridge constructed between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  The golden is so majestic and is also considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In the year 1937 with struggles against the fog, winds, rocks, and tides the bridge was constructed.  The bridge cost thirty-five million dollars in principle and thirty-nine dollars in interest and took the life of eleven builders.

The Golden Gate

The reason behind the construction of the bridge:

The building of the bridge started on the fifth of January. The construction of the bridge was considered because experts thought that the city of San Francesco was mostly using boats for their business transportation and Marin County the city which is across San Francesco also wanted to expand its activities.

When the plan of building a bridge was proposed many believed that the construction of the bridge was not possible as the length of the bridge is so long, and the bay on which the bridge was built had powerful winds, building the bridge required hard work, sweat, blood, and dedication. The bridge took away the life of eleven people. Many people did not believe that this bridge would be completed, but the design and the dedication of the engineers completed the bridge in the year 1937. The huge majestic bridge built in just four years, but with the level of technology and machines, they had back in those days to build this bridge it is truly a big wonder.

Golden Rush boom:

This rush began in the year of 1848 when people found gold in California. This news spread and brought many people from the USA and other parts of the world to California. This immigration and mixture of culture and the discovery of gold in California brought a healthy increase in the economy of California.  Many indigenous, Native Americans were asked to relocate by the immigrants who came in search of gold.

The mode of transportation to California was challenging, most of these people traveled on ships in the seas, and the terrible climatic conditions of the sea made it very difficult for these people to move to and forth California. Some people have lost their life too while trying to accomplish this journey.

The flogging of individuals to collect gold from San Francisco started a business between the world and San Francesco. Due to the rise in the economy, a plan was proposed to build a bridge which connects San Francesco and Marin County. Though this project was proposed in 1869, as many believed that this bridge was impossible, the construction of the bridge began much later in the year of 1933. The building of the bridge had to be approved by the war department as the land on both sides of the Strait belonged to the war department. The temporary permit was granted in the year 1924 and six years later on 1930; the final permit was issued.